We are a reputed European company exporting to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, with over 30 years experience in this field. We have worked with Retail (B2C) but also B2B selling to industry. We only sell high quality Branded Products as we respect our customers and also work with brands that are known for their commitment to Quality and After Sales Service.

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We aim to be your Business Partner and Industrial Tool Selection. Our mission is to provide you high end products at the best prices with the best warranty conditions in the market. We wish to act as trusted advisors who will guide you through your purchasing experience. We will customize the execution of your order in such a way that you will have no cost in forwarding it to your own business (a Project site) or to your customer. This is our unique Tools-integration Service Offering.

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DeWalt DC509-XJ Flashlight 36V

The DeWalt DC509-XJ flashlight is powerful and it is offering a convenient portable lighting solution with 8 hrs continuous run time per charge.

DeWalt DCL040-XJ XR Li-Ion LED Pivot Light 18V

DeWalt DCL040-XJ XR Li-Ion LED Pivot Light has a 2x zone light pattern that delivers 110 lumens of bright light. Flashlight head can rotate by 90 degrees.

DeWalt DCL043-XJ XR Cordless LED Spotlight 18V (Body Only)

The DeWalt DCL043-XJ cordless LED spotlight has a maximum output of 1000 lumens and has been drop tested to 2 metres. With a 9-position lamp head and a 400m range.

DeWalt DCL040-XJ XR LED Pivot Light 18V (Body Only)

DeWalt DCL040-XJ XR LED pivot light is compact and has an impact resistant housing with the LED bulb producing 110 lumen output with a 10K hr life plus 2 zone light pattern.

DeWalt DCL044-XJ Li-ion XR LED Magnetic Inspection Light Torch 18V

DeWalt DCL044-XJ Li-ion XR LED magnetic Inspection light torch with bright LED output of 130 Lumens and powerful magnet for hands free use in multiple placements.

DeWalt DCM561P1-QW XR Li-Ion Line Trimmer 18V

The DeWalt DCM561P1-QW brushless line trimmer delivers professional performance and cordless convenience with cutting swatch of 33cm. It is ideal for grass areas.

DeWalt DCL060-XJ Cordless LED Worklight 18V

Dewalt DCL060-XJ cordless LED worklight with output of 1500 lumens, integrated carry handle and rotating lamp head. This will brighten up the darkest of job sites.

DeWalt DCM562PB-QW Brushless Blower 18V (Body Only)

The Dewalt DCM562PB-QW brushless blower is the latest range extension to the XR system with battery powered design which will guarantee a professional performance.

DeWalt DWE7492 Table Saw With Scissor Stand 250mm

The DeWalt  DWE7492 Table Saw from DeWalt is very portable thanks to it's lightweight and compact design and the handy scissor stand which is included.

DeWalt DCK2060M2T XR Brushless Set 18V

The DeWalt DCK2060M2T XR Brushless Set contains 1 DCD778 Screw / impact drill1 pcs, 1 DCF787 impact screwdriver, 2 Li-ion Batteries 18v 2.0Ah,1 charger.

DeWalt DCK2080P2T Brushless Set 18V

The DeWalt DCK2080P2T brushless set contains 2x5.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries, charger, the DeWalt DCD796 drill/driver and the DeWalt DCG405 angle grinder.

Dewalt DCS334P2 Li-ion Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw 18V 2×5.0Ah

Dewalt DCS334P2 Li-ion brushless top handle jigsaw has brushless motor for increased runtime & performance and it is compatible with over 100 tools in the range.