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Facom BS.PC15PB PC Case

Facom BS.PC15PB PC case with interior foam padding to protect a 15-inch laptop and 3 flap pockets in the front of the bag to store tools and PC charger.

Facom BV.FC3 Sealed Roller Tool Case

Facom BV.FC3 sealed roller tool case compatible with military and aerospace use. Totally sealed and resists to shock, dust and industrial fluids.

Facom BV.FC2 Sealed Roller Tool Case

Facom BV.FC2 sealed roller tool case with high density injected polypropylene, resistant to extreme conditions of use. Compatible with military & aerospace use.

Facom BV.51A Technicians Case

Facom BV.51A technicians case with 8 tool storage racks with rubber holding straps distributed on 4 storage surfaces. It has polypropylene antishock shell.