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Stanley 1-93-980 Storage Box With 30 Compartments

The Stanley 1-93-980 storage box has high-density polypropylene base structure with 30 compartments. Its dimensions are 36,5 x 15,5 x 22,5 cm.

Stanley 1-93-978 Storage Box With 9 Compartments

Stanley 1-93-978 Storage Box with 9 compartments, high-density polypropylene base structure & possible to superimpose or mount the compartments on a wall.

Stanley 1-92-736 Organiser With 11 Compartments

Stanley 1-92-736 organiser with 11 compartments and is ideal for storing and organising small items. Its dimensions are 24.5 x 5.5. x 17.5 cm.

Stanley DS150 FatMax ToughSystem Organiser (FMST1-75679)

Stanley DS150 FatMax ToughSystem organiser with insulation against dust contamination and resistance to water penetratio. Adaptable to other containers.

Stanley DS100 FatMax ToughSystem Organiser (FMST1-75678)

The Stanley DS100 atMax ToughSystem organiser is supplied with 8 x small and 4 x large storage cups for flexibility and heavy duty metal latches.