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DeWalt DCL040-XJ XR LED Pivot Light 18V (Body Only)

DeWalt DCL040-XJ XR LED pivot light is compact and has an impact resistant housing with the LED bulb producing 110 lumen output with a 10K hr life plus 2 zone light pattern.

DeWalt DCL044-XJ Li-ion XR LED Magnetic Inspection Light Torch 18V

DeWalt DCL044-XJ Li-ion XR LED magnetic Inspection light torch with bright LED output of 130 Lumens and powerful magnet for hands free use in multiple placements.

DeWalt DCL030-XJ XR Li-Ion Cordless Torch 14.4V (Body Only)

Τhe DeWalt DCL030-XJ torch is the latest generation 14.4 Volt Work Light, using LED technology and featuring new XR Li-Ion technology. It has a compact, lightweight design.

DeWalt DCF680G2F Motion Activated Screwdriver 7.2V & Torch

DeWalt DCF680G2F motion activated screwdriver with gyroscopic operation coupled and variable speed up to 430rpm allows for the greatest levels of control.